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February 18, 2010


Kristy Pena

I picked up a leaflet at my pediatrician's office.


I learned about it through Facebook. A friend is a teacher.

Janet Brockman

A friend recommended the program to me.

Sara Nakai

A friend teaches LPM, and both my daughter and I love it. What a phenomenal program!

Lindsay Burnett

I read about it on facebook. I am a voice and piano teacher and I have been wanting a metronome for a LONG time! My students and I REALLY need one! I hope I win!

Lindsay Burnett

I posted the giveaway on my blog!

Lindsay Burnett

I posted it on my facebook as well! I hope I win!

Valerie Walmsley

My students teacher is the above poster. ;)

I saw this on her facebook page.

Valerie Walmsley

I also posted on my facebook page.

Alicia Dansie

I am going to be a teacher soon and heard about it from a friend who is also a teacher.

MaLaan Shumate

I love Let's Play Music! I heard about it from our fabulous teacher. What a great program!

Julie Godfrey

I heard about it at playgroup. I'm sure glad I did!

Jennifer Letheby

I heard about it through a friend of a friend, and so glad I did!

Renae Steere

I am a teacher and LOVE LPM!! I want a metronome so that I can give my mother's back to her since I've been "borrowing" it for the last 3 years! :)

Renae Steere

I posted it on my FB page. I want to win!

Luann Long

I LOVE teaching Let's Play Music! It is a fabulous program, getting our younger ones ready to be amazing musicians in their futures! :o) Would love to have the metronome for next year's classes!

Luann Long

I posted it on my FB page, so I guess I really want to win!

Jennifer Ellsworth

I'm a teacher in PA and I love the students, the program, and the fun!

Jennifer Ellsworth

I just linked my blog!

Beth Burke

My daughter is a student of Jennifer Ellsworth and I found out about Let's Play Music from the sticker on the back of Jennifer's car as I was behind her at a red light. I checked out the website when I got home and I'm so glad I daughter LOVES going to music class!

Beth Burke

Shared on Facebook, too. :)

Tiffany Cavalieri

My sister Jennifer Ellsworth is a Let's Play Music teacher. I wish I lived closer to her so she could teach my girls.

Kristen Gainey

We found out about Let's Play Music from a friend at church when another friend at church started as a teacher for LPM this past Fall. My 4-yr-old is now a Blue Bug and we love it!!


A friend of mine is a teacher - that's how I learned about it.

Mary Bench

I learned about it through a friend of mine.

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