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October 19, 2010


Angela Oravits

My daughter LOVES Let's Play Music! Her teacher is Melissa Hansen in Flagstaff, AZ. She recently told me she wished she could have music class every day!

Jill Marchbanks

Every morning when my daughter wakes up she starts playing her songs, especially I'm An Indian. She can't wait for class each week! Her teacher is Julie Craig in Lehi, Ut.

Rachel Johnson

Who are we kidding folks, I am the parent and I love Let's Play Music. Sometimes Ellie has to tell me to stop singing and that it is her class. She has Luann Long of Aurora, Co. teaching her. She love Ms. LuAnn!

Krissy Pimentel

We love LPM. This is our first year and are so pleased with it. We are learning so much!! Looking forward to the next two yearas also!! Our teacher is Tina Gosney of Meridian, Idaho

Mardie Bradshaw

My son just loves to go to class. His teacher is Tina Gosney in Meridian, ID and he LOVES listening to the CD. He even gets his 2-year old sister to join along in singing with him. Love It!!!

Vicki Johnson

LPM is so much fun! When given the choice between dance and LPM my daughter chose LPM!! We have had so much FUN!! The WHOLE family is singing along! Tina Gosney is great!! We are lucky to have such an outstanding teacher!

Penny Salisbury

My son loves music and this is helping him develop in ways we had never expected. Thank you Luann Long of Aurora, CO.

Krissy Swallow

This is my daughter's third year in LPM and she loves it just as much as she did when she began the program! It is such a fun way to learn and Miss Tina is an awesome teacher!

Andrea Murray

This is my daughters first year in the program and I am amazed how quickly she is learning about music! It is such a fun exciting way to learn. Bryn always looks forward to class with Miss Tina (Gosney) and we love getting to go together every other week (it also makes practicing at home easier)! Thank you for the wonderful program!

Camille Ridge

Jenni Coberly in Highlands Ranch, CO is our fabulous teacher! My son is loving 2nd year and it's so exciting watching him progress. He's learning things about music that I never learned...which is great because now I get to learn them too!

Lindsay Grantham

Tina Gosney in Meridian, ID is our teacher -she is fantastic! This is our 2nd year in LPM and it has been so fun to see the intro of last year really show already in year 2. Watching my daughter play the C chord on the piano and get excited to play songs has been so rewarding. This is such a great program and I can't wait to see her continue to learn and grow throughout this year!

Karen Whitney

I have two kids in LPM and they both LOVE it! My son walks around singing and humming the music all the time and always identifies when her hears Mi-Re-Do in other music. Both the kids are learning so much and I am excited for all that they are going to get from LPM!

Lori Frasure

Tina Gosney is crazy talented and makes LPM so much fun! I have a 3rd year and a first year and they both love it!

erin jensen

Jenni Coberli is my daughter's teacher. She has awesome and has such great musical knowledge,it is fun to watch all the kids interact with her. This is our first year and it has been fun and interesting to hear all the songs and what they each teach about music - Erin Jensen, Highlands Ranch, CO

Brittany Birnel

My two girls go to Miss Jenni in Highlands Ranch, CO, and they LOVE LOVE LOVE her!! I hear about Miss Jenni multiple times a day, and I have to agree, she is fantastic. I love hearing the girls sing the songs day in and day out. It is nice to know they are absorbing it all, my favorite is seeing my 18 month old mimic the girls. It's almost like he's getting a musical education along with them!

Erin Swyers

My daughter's teacher, Jenni Coberly, does a fantastic job of teaching the kids music through a variety of very fun techniques. She balances being professional and being silly and fun for the kids. We feel so lucky to be part of LPM! I'm not afraid to admit that I too have learned a lot from this class!!!

Richelle White

Miss Tina Gosney is our fabulous teacher! Ridge just LOVES it..and so do I. I wish parents could come every week! It's a great program, I wish I would have known about it for my older ones!

Stephanie Kjelstrom

Jenni Coberly is my son's teacher. Her enthusiasm for the program shows each time she teaches. My son loves to listen to his CD's and play his bells at home. Occasionally I'll catch him pretending to teach a LPM class.

Dawn LeBeau

We LOVE Let's Play Music. My daughter is learning so much and we love our teacher Tina Gosney.

Shelley McClure

I am loving this class for my son and can't wait for my daughter to start next year - she already knows most of the songs! I have been so impressed with the fundamentals that he's been learning - Tina Gosney is a great teacher!

Trisha McCauley

Our teacher is Tina Gosney in Meridian, Idaho. She is amazing! We love her and we love the Let's Play music program. Before starting this program, my daughter ( 5 1/2) sang so off key and couldn't carry tune at all. In the short time we have been in the program my daughter has dramatically improved to where she is on key almost all the time.

Pam Shaw

My girls are loving LPM with Ms. Jenni Corberly!!! They can't wait for their music class each week. The girls and I are learning a lot about music. Most of all, they are learning to sing "on key"!!! Ms Jenni is a wonderful teacher!!! :) P,S&D

Dawn Creitz

Tina Gosney in Meridian, Idaho is our teacher, and my girls love her! My older daughter started Let's Play Music last year, and my younger one always wanted to practice with us. My 5 1/2 year old loves Ms. Tina & going to class, but it is my younger daughter who is most thrilled be in music class. She started the Red Balloons class just before turning 4. Every week she asks, "When is my music class?", even if we have just had class that day. She always wants her music playing in the car, and I think other drivers must think I am nuts as we both enthusiastically do the hand signs (me with one hand) as we drive. Thank-you, Tina, for helping my girls learn so much, and especially to love music!

Renee Davis

I'm so glad we have participated in Let's Play Music. This is our 3rd year with Tina Gosney and she is such a great teacher. She is great for my son and his personality. I have recommended and would recommend this program to anyone wanting to put their kids in music or piano. It is a great basis for beginning piano students. I only wish I had had this program for my older kids!

Lynnelle Allred

My daughter loves her LPM class. She looks forward to it every week and is always asking me if she can go to class more. Her wonderful teacher is Cathy Eliason in Payson, UT. Thanks for developing such a wonderful program.

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